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Our store is a 3rd-party service.   If you would like to book a non-refundable course with us via cash payment at a 2% discount, please reach out to us at Sales@EidolonTactical.com 

REFUNDS: Cancelation requests outside of 90 business days for 75% refund. Cancel 89-60 business days for 50% refund. Cancel 59-30 business days for 25% refund. No refund within 30 business days of class.  Credit for future course may be provided at the sole discretion of Eidolon Tactical. 

WHY?  The big question. 

Eidolon Tactical was formed to provide specialty equipment and courses in the areas of medical, tactical (fieldcraft), and resiliency. Our courses range from basic, entry-level offerings to advanced, fully-customizable courses – we have the flexibility to provide unique training opportunities that would be difficult to find elsewhere. 

One of our primary objectives is to hire exiting veterans and provide them with a landing zone during their transition from soldier to civilian.  Once that transition process is underway, they will have the opportunity to pursue a business leadership role at ET where they can learn the fundamentals of business operations, business leadership, and daily  management.  Ultimately, should any of these veterans decide that he or she would like to pursue a business venture of his or her own, we are building a fund specifically focused on investing in those ventures – thus, we have a mutual interest in seeing them succeed.  As they get their own companies off the ground, they will have continued access to all the familiar business resources, including the leadership within our organization, available to them, which should make that secondary transition process much easier.

Additionally, we've dedicated a portion of our profits to nonprofit veteran organizations with a focus on areas that ET is not equipped to handle.

To do this, the business is being built around three main phases. The first phase is to offer the courses mentioned above to the general public. The second phase is to use revenues from the courses to build out a property to offer additional courses as well as preparation courses for SOF candidates, ideally led by recently exited SOF veterans (reinvesting in those who may fill their boots). The third phase will be to assist in launching veteran founded enterprises and to continue to provide business encouragement, networking, mentorship, resources, etc.

What are you waiting for?  Join us in this journey!